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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions before ordering? Check here first!

Here are the answers to questions commonly asked about my business and services. You will also find links to other pages on my site that include more detailed information on a subject in question.
Q Do you guarantee your outfits?
A Yes, I offer a satisfaction guarantee on all outfits. The outfit will be as pictured. I am proud of the quality of my work. If you feel it is not as pictured I will take it back as long as you return the outfit in un-worn, un-damaged condition with all its pieces packaged to arrive back safely. Returns must be postmarked within 3 days after the outfit is delivered to the address you designate. Please call me to let me know that you are returning the outfit. I will refund the price of the outfit. I cannot refund postage.

Ribbon and Sheer Overlay Skirts are not returnable

Because I don't want you to be disappointed, if you're not sure about an outfit, I can send more detailed photos and measurements on request.
contact Mona

Q What if I don't want to give my credit card over the Internet? Or if I don't have a credit card?
A That's fine, simply continue through the ordering process until it asks you for a credit card number, then simply choose "Cashiers check or Money order" as a payment option and we will receive your order electronically. You can then call me with your credit card info or send me a Cashiers check or Money order, and as soon as I receive payment, I'll ship your order. I do not accept personal checks. Payment by credit/debit card is the best way to pay if you need the outfit right away. You can also wire money through Western Union or Wal*Mart. I beleive Wal*Mart charges less. Another great option is to puchase a Visa Gift Card. Then use the card to make your puchase online.

Q How long will I have to wait for my outfit?
A If the outfit is up on the website for sale, it can ship the next day - depending on method of payment. Please note:I am not currently taking custom orders for outfits. I will continue to add outfits to my website regulary so please check back often.

Q How are the outfits constructed and what sets them above the rest?
A The outfits I make are constructed of the finest fabrics, thread and trims available. The outfits are machine sewn and finished by hand where necessary. I make these outfits in a clean, smoke-free environment. Quality craftsmanship and personal attention to your desires set these outfits above the rest. The design appliques are beautiful and intricate. They give dimension, color, and value to the outfits. All outfits contain coordinated fabric colors, and many individually hand cut fabric pieces, which requires extra labor and materials.

Q I have noticed you have outfits on hold. How long do you keep outfits on hold? Why are they on hold? Is there any way to purchase one of these outfits?
A I put outfits on hold when someone orders an outfit and is going to mail me the payment. I hold outfits for 5 days from the day the customer contacts me to give them time to send the payment. If I don't receive the money, the outfits are available for sale again. If you see an outfit on hold that you are intersted in, let me know and I will e-mail you if it becomes available again. contact Mona

Q Do you have a lay-a-way plan?
A I'm sorry...I don't have a lay-a-way plan. Selling these outfits is a large part of my income so I need to receive payment in full.

Q Can I get leggings or other accessories to match an outfit I purchase?
A Accessories are available for any outfit. Let me know what you need, and if matching material is available, I'll be happy to make up what you want.

Q Are "un-fringed" outfits available?
A Yes. Add your own fringe, yarn or ribbon and save money. A sewing machine isn't needed if you hand-tie or hand sew your fringe.

Q Are patterns available for these outfits?
A No, sorry. The outfits I make are original designs. I make my outfits from rough sketches and scribblings as I go.
If you are looking for supplies, books and patterns for making outfits check out Crazy Crows website.

Q Can I ask about ordering a custom outfit?
A I am not taking any custom orders at this time.
I will continue to add outfits to my website regulary so please check back often.

When I take orders , what I do is a semi-custom order. You select the main colors for the outfit, and a design for your outfit ---eagles, pipes, feathers, medicine wheels, flowers, etc. Then I decide how to put it all together.See the Photo pages for more applique ideas.
When the outfit is finished, I'll e-mail you a picture. I require a $50. non-refundable deposit on special orders. The balance due must be paid within 10 days of being notified that the outfit is finished. If orders are not paid for within that time they will be put up on the website for sale.

If you have other questions or comments, just send me an e-mail.
Contact me.