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Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending in your photos! You all look great!
Bailey Happy Butterfly Harrison
"Mona, its BEAUTIFUL!!!! she looks so wonderful in it, you are by far a master seamstress when it comes to regalia. thank you so much!"
Here's a picture of Brandy in her beautiful new regalia. I love it!!!! We went to the First Nations Powwow at University of Washington in Seattle this past weekend and Mona, man I was so proud of her. She danced in 2 intertribals all by herself. She loves her dress. Thank you once again!!!
Hi Mona, I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with Morganís outfit - Thank you so much, you did a beautiful job! Here is a picture of Morgan last weekend wearing her dress for the 1st time. Michelle Johnson
Thomas, Lily and Grace Baga. Posing in their Mona outfits!
Alyssa Youpee
Ain't she cute!


Hey Mona, I just wanted to tell you that your work is awesome.
Mino in the second outfit I've made for him.
Mark and Tyler Sison - Father and son traditional dancers.
Hi Mona, The outfit is here and it is beatiful! Mark loves it and looks great in it! Thank you again for your talent and caring in making the outfits you do for everyone! You are a gift to all of us who enjoy the outfits. Laurie Sison
Marcos Crisfield
"You made wonderful grass dance regalia for my husband Marcos that he has worn proudly in many powows over the last few years. Thank you" Dorothy
Tamaira looking good in her Woman's Tradish!