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All Dressed Up And Ready To Go.....
Here are photographs of some of my customers wearing the outfits I've made for them. Thanks to all who have been kind enough to send me photos! I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I do.

Ty wearing his Traditional outfit. "Just wanted to let you all know the pictures do no justice to her work. She has made my grandson a trad outfit , my son 2 ribbon shirts and cuffs and myself a beautiful Horse purse to match my outfit. Pictures do no justice." Barbara Middle Rider
"I wore my new outfit last weekend and got lots of compliments" Thanks,Jason Jones
Frances in her Red & Blue Outfit
Brianna just a jing-a-ling!
Trinity and her Mom


Rudy Rocha in his Grassdance outfit with reversible vest back and aprons
Justine looking too cute!
Maria at Casa de Fruita Powwow in her purple jingle dress
Michael Sison in his Traditional Regalia.
"We got the outfits and they are astounding... The tribal names on the sides are awesome as well. Thank-you ever so much for the beautiful outfits and your awesome talent that went into making them.The memories they will give are priceless. Take Care," Laurie Sison